About The Apron

I love to bake. I really love to bake. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hooked. I was fortunate to grow up with a mother who allowed me to help her in the kitchen. I rolled dough, cut cookies, stirred brownies, licked beaters, frosted cakes, and knocked on the doors of countless neighbors with a smile on my face and plates of goodies in hand. Baking came with many rewards. The wonderful smells that wafted through the house. The ability to create and be creative. Taste-testing. The opportunity to share the process with loved ones. And did I mention, taste-testing? But aside from these things, the greatest reward was, and continues to be, the joy that baking brings to others. That’s why I love to bake.

A special thank you to my three incredible children who believed in me and gave me a gentle nudge to follow a dream. Thank you to my sister, Sarah, for agreeing to be the other half of The Flour’d Apron. And thank you to my mother for her patience in teaching a little girl all her baking secrets, to my grandmother for trusting me with her beloved recipes, and to my father whose love of baking and sweet tooth rival mine. I love you all.